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You've flipped! You're now facing the right way! Yay!

But if Dr. P says one more time, "Wow - this is the chubbiest-cheeked baby I've ever seen on an ultrasound", I'm going to smack him!

We'll love you no matter how ... plump your cheeks are.
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You're very stubborn! It was too much to wish you would adopt my laid back, "whatever happens happens" approach.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today and went in for an OB check. You were still head-up, but appeared to be listing a bit to the side. Dr. P said, "OK, maybe she's heading down". At which point you flung your head straight up, stuck out your tongue, and waved. Had he had the speaker on at that point, I'm sure we would have heard you making the raspberry noise. The only good thing about having you in this position is that we were really able to see your face today. You look just like your daddy. Which means you look very much like my dad. But I choose not to think about that because, well, they write books about that.

Otherwise, you appear fine - and are about 4 pounds right now.
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As of today, I'm 24 weeks pregnant with you. Had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor did another ultrasound. You're getting bigger! You have a very good heartbeat. You had the hiccups, though, which was pretty funny to watch.
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Here are some pictures we took on your ultrasound day.

Here's your Nana, right before our appointment, still thinking you are a boy!

Here's us - your Mom and Dad:

Here you are:

After our appointment, we went to buy new yarn!
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I have an appointment scheduled with Colonel L our last day in town, May 26, before we leave for the family cruise. During that appointment, we're supposed to get to hear your heartbeat.

But, before the appointment, I need to get a letter to send to the cruiseline saying that I'm ok to travel with them.

So, I called the Colonel's nurses yesterday to ask for the letter. They also took my phone number, in case the Colonel needed to call me.

Today he called.

Colonel L: "Hi, is your head still bothering you?"

Me: "No, this has nothing to do with my head. I'm pregnant! AND, as soon as it happened, my headaches went away."

Colonel L: "Well, now we know the treatment that works for you."

Me: "I'm not sure which is better or which is worse. All I know is I can't stop throwing up."

I went on to tell him what I needed for the letter. Then we started talking about our appointment.

Me: "I want you to really listen well. I want you to try to make sure you hear however many hearts there might be to hear."

Colonel L: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Well, let's see. I started throwing up two days after I got pregnant - well before I actually "knew" I was pregnant. By week 5, I was in maternity clothes. I'm older. So, I just want to know what we're dealing with - how many."

Colonel L: "Well hell, if that's the case, we'll just do an ultrasound when you're here."

Me: "But... they told me I could only get one ultrasounds on post and that was supposed to be at Week 20."

Colonel L: "Huh, and here was me thinking I was a Colonel and all and could do whatever I wanted..."

Me: "Whatever you say, Sir."

So yay! Looks like we're gonna get two chances to see you before you're born!


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