Poor You

Dec. 24th, 2011 06:29 pm
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I shouldn't laugh, I know this.

Emily was given a tube of foil-wrapped bath salts; each one about the size of a golf ball. They kind of looked like chocolates, I guess.

Although why you couldn't tell that's not what they were once you unwrapped one, I don't know.

Anyway, yes, you ate one. By the look on your face, it wasn't quite the taste sensation you were hoping for.
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Wow - what kind of horrifyingly bad mom doesn't update their kid's account in forever? This one, I suppose.

Charlie is fabulous. Actually, she prefers to be Charlotte now - something I will never, ever remember. But she graciously condescends to allow me to call her Charlie "because you're really old and I know it's hard for you to remember stuff."

She's in Kindergarten and loving it.

What can I say? She's the same Charlie she's always been - cheerful and precocious.
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You have a show you like to watch in the mornings - "The Sunny Side Up Show". It's actually more like a series of shows. They are hosted by Chica (the chicken) and a rotating series of human hosts: Kelly, Kevin, Sean, and Dennisha. Each host is on for a week at a time. For some reason, you can't stand Sean. I don't find Sean any more annoying than any other host (or aspect of the show). I find Chica the chicken more than a little bothersome. But no, you really can't stand Sean.

When we turned on the TV this morning while you were getting ready, they were in the middle of a show, rather than during "host" time. But when you came out from your shower, there he was:

Your response?

"Dammit, now I know it's going to be a bad day. It's never a good day when it's a Sean day."

I gave you a Pop Tart and turned off the TV.

Hopefully your day will improve, Little One.

...and I really do need to stop swearing around you...
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You went to school with me for a meeting this week.

A third grade boy said you have beautiful hair.

You said, "Thank you. You're a nice boy. I'm going to marry you when you get older."


Apr. 1st, 2009 09:03 am
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Oh Charlie, I've been so bad about updating. It's been a yearish. But what a yearish it's been.

As you can see though, the more things change, the more they stay the same:

We live in Seattle now - right down the street from Nana and Boompah. You stay with them during the day while I'm at school. You go to water aerobics and get your fingernails painted with Nana. And you help Boompah take care of the dogs.

These last few days, you've been up visiting your dad, and your grandma, and your grandpa. And I've missed you so much. But tonight, you come back home! When I talked to you last night, you told me you wanted to hug me, and watch Tinkerbell, and "EAT MEAT"!!!!

I think we can arrange all that.

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That's right! You're in your new "like SISSY!" room. You slept all night in your big-girl bed. Well, not really all night; you woke up insanely early. But you love being in your big-girl room!

The rest of the pictures are here!


Oct. 31st, 2007 07:10 pm
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Look at you!

You think knocking on doors and getting candy is a wonderful thing. You really liked pushing past the residents and entering their home and, in one case, trying to climb onto their couch.
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You haven't wanted to wear a bib in months. It was about 7 months ago that I caught you trying to cram all of them into the garbage can...

Anyway, today you were running about naked - which is how you usually are when we're home. But then you decided to put on all of your bibs. It was quite funny!

Bibs - Front Bibs - Front
Bibs - Profile Bibs - Profile

I can't wait until you speak better English and can tell us exactly what's going on in your mind. I know you've got a long-lost twin somewhere because you're fluent in some sort of Twin Language. You speak for 5- 10 minutes at a time - complete with gestures, facial expressions, and I'm sure adverbs and adjectives and prepositional phrases. It's just not a language any of the rest of us can understand...

A Good Day

Aug. 31st, 2007 08:10 pm
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This morning, after my morning workout at the Y, you spent about 20 minutes outside the building, singing and yelling and chattering to people as they walked by. You danced and pointed and laughed and twirled. It was most amusing. And people were more than a little charmed. One man even threw a dollar down at your feet and said you were the best street-performer he'd ever seen.

And Emmy (whom you call Bobby, for some odd reason) let you take a shower with her. This is one of your favorite things to do.

And then, as we were watching Blue's Clues tonight, you looked at me and said, "Night Night, BEEEEEZE?!?!" (Beeeeeeze is how you say please). So you basically begged me to be allowed to go to bed!

You are such fun, Charlie!

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Nana and Boompah are back in town. Here you are, fascinated by Boompah:

And here you are eating some tomatoes and cheese (like a Caprese salad for babies!):

And here you are, wearing a Tinkerbell crown. Because what's better than a Tinkerbell crown? Oh, and that's Boompah's leg; someone thought it was mine (which I found a bit horrifying!).
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You are just so darn cute!

Here you are with Emmy (Bobby) again and her new kitten, Phoenix. We are encouraging you to call Phoenix "Little Daisy" now because you can't say "Phoenix" right and it comes out as a really, really inappropriate word!

And then here you are looking too adorable with Daddy:

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We've had a nice few days. Nana and Boompah left a few days ago, and Emmy goes back to California tomorrow for a few weeks.

But here are some pictures of you with Em and with Daddy:

OK, here you are with Em. Apparently, as long as you're wearing socks, that's good enough for you!

I can't wait until our good furniture arrives!


Jun. 26th, 2007 11:27 pm
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We've been so busy the last few weeks - getting everything arranged just so. You love our new house. Mainly because you can run around the couch AND around the kitchen so there's two different ways to play chase and never get caught.

It's really hot here. I don't play with you outside, I'm sorry to say. But I have taken you swimming at the Y a bunch, and you really like that.

You've miss Emmy, though - whom you've taken to calling "Bobby".

Nana and Boompah came out for a visit on June 21. And Emmy finally arrived early this morning. You were so happy to see her (please excuse your black eye - you keep falling on that side!):

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Daddy took us to a fun restaurant for lunch - Newk's:

The general manager there fell in love with you and gave you a hug. This isn't the kind of behavior us Northerners are used to! But you liked her too, so it was sort of sweet.

Then we came home and found more of your toys!

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Well, we made it. And you were awesome on the planes. People glared at us as we were boarding and made nasty comments about having to fly with a baby who would probably scream all night. And you proved them all wrong! I was so proud of you.

And you love our new house - even though it's very messy right now! Daddy managed to find some of your most favorite toys right away - like Farmer Fred the Fridge Toy!

Red Eye

May. 26th, 2007 01:17 pm
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Emmy left Seattle a few days ago to go be with her dad for a few weeks. Tonight, you and I are flying all night to Mississippi. I really hope you're feeling sleepy. If not, I hope you're at least feeling quiet!

Not too much longer and we'll be with Daddy in Mississippi and we can see the house he got for us!

(Please be good on the plane!!!!)
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We are going to Emmy's 6th Grade graduation in a few minutes. And then we'll go to the airport and fly down to Seattle. Daddy and Grandma will be driving to Mississippi.

I really hope this is a "good" Charlie day.

The fact that today is the anniversary of Mount St. Helen's eruption is hopefully a meaningless coincidence.
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We had a major appointment today with the neurologist they sent back up from Madigan to see you (for the second time!).

He thinks you're adorable. So do I! But we're all still worried about your head.

Bad Day

May. 11th, 2007 11:10 pm
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You had a seizure today. Back to the hospital. They're worried about your head. I'm worried about your head.
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They flew a very good head doctor up to Fairbanks to check on you today. He thinks you're going to be all right, but we need to watch you for a while. And keep you calm and relaxed. This is a bit of a challenge considering how very active and busy you are right now!


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