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We're so excited for you to come that I even tried to encourage your arrival by consuming castor oil. It obviously didn't work because you're still not here. Yet the pictures we saw of you yesterday show that you are more than ready to be born. In fact, you're terrifyingly large.

Hopefully we'll be able to go to the hospital on Thursday and get you born. But that's only if there aren't too many other, more cooperative, children trying to be born.

Your daddy won't be here too much longer, so please, work with us here!!!
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Yesterday your dad and I made our first purchase for you. The cutest little sleeper bag. With the wrist cuffs that fold down to keep you from scratching your wee face. With little Tiggers and Roos and Poohs on it. It's what you'll wear home from the hospital when you're born.

We also cleared out space in our bedroom for a crib.

And we don't even know if there is a you yet.

But it's fun to do things like this with your dad because he's going to be leaving soon for a very long time.

See, we love you already. Even if, so far, all you are is a very good idea.


Feb. 12th, 2005 02:01 am
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I'm now reading books on how to get you here. [livejournal.com profile] lapis_lunamoth recommended a very good book. I hope it works - hopefully in April. Your dad and I found parts of the book quite funny...
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I've always been a planner. I bought my wedding dress on Ebay for $40 - even before your dad proposed. So I've started this journal even before there was a you. So I won't say much for a bit. But maybe, just maybe, in a few months, there will be stuff to share.


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