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Do you like it?!?!

Let's see, you've been going to the gym with me and going to childcare there. You're not usually very happy when I drop you off, but you're very happy when I pick you up!

Today we took the stroller to the Post Office to mail a package to your daddy. Then we strollered to school to pick up Emmy. We were a little early so I spread a blanket on the ground and thought we'd play on the blanket.

Instead, I spent most of the time telling you "No Eat!!!!" because you were fascinated by the grass.

You're crawling everywhere, but also standing up unassisted. You've taken a few steps, but not quite what I would term walking.

And you are completely fascinated by Emmy's new bass clarinet:

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You LOVE this!

Just Hanging Around! Just Hanging Around!

Emmy holding Charlie upside down by her hips.

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A picture post!


Mar. 28th, 2006 06:19 pm
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So why does this outfit have me so saddened?

Because it's a 3-6 month old outfit. Your very first. True, it's hanging on you and you still fit into some of your 0-3 month old outfits, but this is the first time you've been in a 3-6 month one. You're growing up. You'll never be my little infant again.

And it's lovely to see you getting older and bigger, but I miss my newborn too!

Man, all this and you're only 11 pounds still!

OH! And today I put you on one side of my bed while I got dressed. And you rolled over four times to get next to Daisy. And as soon as you arrived right next to her, she looked at you disdainfully and jumped off the bed.
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Just because I've not updated you in a while doesn't mean you aren't doing fun stuff!

You really like playing with your sister. And she really likes playing with you. She has a book about different ways to swaddle babies, so sometimes she rolls you up tight - like this:

Sometimes you help her on the computer:

Sometimes she holds you while you sleep:

As I look at these pictures, I realize your sister really needs a hair cut and she has got to get more sleep!!!
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This was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. You were smiling and talking to her. She was smiling and talking to you.

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After a few days of not eating very much, you're back to eating a lot. Which is good. When we went to the hospital two days ago, you'd dropped 11 ounces from your birth weight. I expect you've now dropped a pound. We'll know tomorrow when we go for your two-week check up. You're supposed to be back up to your birth weight tomorrow, but I don't think you will be. But as long as you're finally eating better again, I feel better.

Right now you're asleep on your pink boppie pillow. You're so precious.

Your big sister left today to go spend two weeks with her dad. I'm so glad you won't ever have to go there. She made a recording of herself reading you a story last night so I can play it for you every day - so you will remember her while she's gone. She loves you so very much.


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