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Our friend, Becky, had her baby, Aidan, yesterday morning. We went to see them today. The nursing staff was very nice and let me sneak you into the room with me; children under 16 aren't usually allowed in!

You were in a great mood, laughing and smiling, until I held Aidan while Becky held you. First you turned on the charm and grinned even more adorably and held out your arms to me. When I continued holding Aidan and didn't hold you, you just got mad. You were not pleased to be sharing your mother.

No worries - as cute as Aidan is, I love you and am thrilled I got so lucky with you!

Look at you - who could ever resist?!?
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I finally found something you really don't like today - the sound of curling ribbon being curled. I was wrapping your dad's Father's Day gift and when I started curling the ribbon you freaked out. You were screaming and shaking. It was extremely odd. I thought maybe you were scared by the noise, so I brought you closer and showed you the ribbon and then tried again. That just made you flat-out mad. I guess we'll be buying pre-made bows for a while.

To cheer you up, I gave you a bath:

And now it's time for bed!
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Dearest Charlie,

Today was your two-month check-up. You had to get four shots. And I was the one who had to hold you still while you got them.

One minute we were looking at each other - talking and smiling. The next minute, someone was piercing your soft skin - repeatedly. For your whole life, I've kept you warm and safe and tried to protect you. And all you know now is that I was there when you were hurt - and I wasn't fixing it. You looked so betrayed. It was the first time I've really let you down. But believe me, the pain you felt today pales when compared to pertussis or polio. Vaccinating you was the best possible choice; the only one really.

And today won't be the last time I let you down. Hopefully it will always be for such a good reason.

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According to most baby books, you're supposed to love looking at yourself in the mirror now.

But every time I hold you up in front of a mirror, you scream and cry. At first I thought it was a coincidence - that maybe you were just getting ready to scream and cry anyway. But since it happens every time, well, I'm beginning to think you just really don't like the mirror.

I'm not sure if it's seeing me or seeing yourself that bothers you so much. I mean, you see me all the time and don't scream and cry. But maybe two of me is more than you can handle? Or if it's seeing you that you don't like. But you're awfully cute and not at all scary so it really shouldn't bother you.

In any case, I shall stop holding you up in front of the mirror for a while.


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