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You rolled off the couch today. I had left you, propped in the corner, so I could go get some coffee. You deliberately flung yourself forward and then rolled three times in order to get to the floor. I ran into the living room as I watched you do this - but it was like my feet were in molasses.

I reached you right as you hit the floor. You looked up at me, grinned, and rolled your way over to Daisy. Apparently, she was the motivating factor in this stunt. As soon as you reached her, she got up and walked away. Then you cried.

Pye, on the other hand, will let you clutch on to him - even though you rip out tufts of fur. But seriously, you've got to stop trying to gnaw his tail. Even though he doesn't seem to mind, it freaks me out!

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So, um, yeah, apparently your back isn't yet strong enough for you to be able to enjoy your ExerSaucer. After I put you in, I started thinking, "I wonder if her back is strong enough". As I was thinking it, sure enough, you bent at the waist and, with your hands at your sides, crashed your head down atop the activity center.

Sorry about that, sweetie.

Luckily, your big sister was able to quickly distract you:


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