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Yesterday, I realized we definitely needed two high chairs; the babies can't eat in shifts, but they aren't exactly table-ready yet either.

So I bullied poor Emily into getting up early today so she could accompany the babies and me to WalMart before school. Then we dropped her off at school and came home.

I carried Brooks into the house first. I took off his hat, coat, and shoes. Then I ran back out to the truck and brought in Charlie. I took off her coat. Then I ran back out to the truck to turn it off, plug it in, and bring in the high chair. This last trip took all of, maybe 90 seconds.

And this is the scene that greeted me at the top of the stairs when I came in for the last time: )

I think it was better yesterday when she didn't want to share her cookies...
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Every mom needs to have a few pictures like this to use to embarrass their kids later on in life...

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Which must be why the Easter Bunny dropped your basket off a few days early!

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we took a picture of you today. To be put onto a cookie tin. He'll love it.

When you're old enough, this picture will embarrass you.

But, until then, we all love it!


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