Feb. 16th, 2006 09:39 am
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When I took you out yesterday, I thought I saw it.

When Emmy mentioned it when she came home yesterday, I knew it to be true.

You're starting to grow hair. It's pretty much the exact same color as your skin, so it's difficult to see. But if we hold you up to the light in a certain way, yes indeed, you have little fluffy tufts. I have now trimmed the 5 long strands that you had. I kept them like a guy keeps them - in order to have a combover. But as soon as I saw that you really could grow more hair, I got rid of them.

I would take a picture of said hair, but I know it won't show up yet in a picture. So I'll just take a picture for fun rather than for hair-growing evidential proof.

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You arrived at 7:25 PM on December 13, 2005. Your father, sister, grandparents, and lots of medical people were waiting to see you! It took a loooong time to get you here, but you were so strong through the whole ordeal. And, when you were born, you took a long look around and did not cry at all. In fact, your father swears you were smiling when you were born. You're about 30 hours old now and have only cried a few times. And never for long. You weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and were 21 inches long. You have gorgeous blue eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair - which we all think will be curly when it's a wee bit longer. You've been very alert and watchful - when you've been awake. But you really like to sleep. You've gotten to spend lots of time with me, your dad, your big sister, and all four of your grandparents. You are so very sweet!

Charlotte Joy December 13, 2005

Here you are with your big sister:

And here you are with your daddy - trust me, that's you under the hat, mittens, and onesie...
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Today might just be the day, sweet one!!!

Your dad, sister, and I are on our way to the hospital right now. And your grandparents are all flying in.
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It looks like you're a girl! You're going to be the first Bovey girl in a very long time! We're so excited!!! More importantly, you appear to be very healthy. And you're VERY busy. The poor doctor had a hard time looking at you because you kept leaping around.

But you're a girl!!!
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... for the very first time! It was during President Bush's speech to the country about the war in Iraq. I think you were protesting what he was saying, but your father is convinced you were kicking to express your support for the president. Whatever your motivation, it was SO exciting to feel you!!!
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I got a little sick at work and they told me to come in and see a doctor. So, they hooked me up to an IV to put fluids into me. And then, the very nice lady doctor asked me if I'd like to try to hear you! Well, of course I did! So, she put the speaker thing on my belly and, for just a second, we heard the very fast heartbeat of a baby. It's so weird that babies' heartbeats are so much faster than grown-ups. And then, as we listened, there was a "sploosh" sound and the doctor said, "Well, he just kicked and swam away!"

It was very exciting! I just wish your dad or sister had been able to hear it too.


Apr. 2nd, 2005 06:19 am
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There's a you. Oh yeah, there's a you and we are so excited!!!


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