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Our friend, Becky, had her baby, Aidan, yesterday morning. We went to see them today. The nursing staff was very nice and let me sneak you into the room with me; children under 16 aren't usually allowed in!

You were in a great mood, laughing and smiling, until I held Aidan while Becky held you. First you turned on the charm and grinned even more adorably and held out your arms to me. When I continued holding Aidan and didn't hold you, you just got mad. You were not pleased to be sharing your mother.

No worries - as cute as Aidan is, I love you and am thrilled I got so lucky with you!

Look at you - who could ever resist?!?
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We went to Miss Sonya's today for food and festivities. You sort of helped in the Easter Egg hunt - you fell asleep on the couch and someone hid an egg under your knee.

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After yesterday's traumatic events of winding up in a ditch not just once, but twice, I took the car in to have the alignment checked. There was a pregnant woman in the waiting area. When she saw me carrying your carseat, she came over to sit by me so she could see you.

You were in a great mood - which was surprising given the fact that Emily had accidentally whacked you in the head with part of your new bouncy seat earlier in the day.

Anyway, I pulled you into a standing position on my lap and you did one of your huge grins at everyone in the area. People melted.

I asked the pregnant woman if she wanted to hold you - which, of course, she did. So you went to her easily - as you usually do. And proceeded to grin at her as if she was the best thing you'd ever seen. You were so sweet that it made her cry!

She said that she hasn't really been excited about her pregnancy. She didn't really feel connected to the idea of having a baby or anything. Until she held you. And it made her realize she really did want to be a mom.

So that was a pretty good deed you did today, little one - just by being your sweet self. And then you had to rest afterward:

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[livejournal.com profile] jayest sent you the most adorable snowsuit!!! It's very soft and ploofy. It has cute little flaps that fold down over your fingers. AND, it's pink!!! I wonder how she knew we liked pink?

Anyway, so many people here are so excited about you! Hurry up and be born already!!!

Oh, in other news, you now seem to be in a semi-sideways position - which is not terribly comfortable. If you're heading downhill, fine, I'll tolerate it. But if you're just toying with me here, Mommy's gonna be mad!


Feb. 12th, 2005 02:01 am
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I'm now reading books on how to get you here. [livejournal.com profile] lapis_lunamoth recommended a very good book. I hope it works - hopefully in April. Your dad and I found parts of the book quite funny...


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