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Your Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Dan have a wall of pictures of Grandpa Dan, their four sons and two grandsons. The pictures were taken when each of them was three months old. Each of them are wearing a blue knit outfit that Great Grandmother Bovey made.

First we thought of having you wear that outfit, but pinning a flower on the hat. But then we remembered the yellowoutfit that Great Great Aunt Meryl knit for Boompah (my dad). Since Kate is also pregnant with a girl, we thought it was time we added a girl's outfit to the Bovey wall.

So today, Emmy and I took pictures of you in an outfit made 65 years ago.

The wedding ring I wear on my right hand, from my first wedding to your dad, was inherited from Aunt Meryl as well.
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We're down in Seattle for Spring Break. You were very good on the planes down - despite being hysterical in the Fairbanks Airport therefore subjecting us to nasty looks by the other passengers in the boarding area. But you were great on the plane so that, as they were deplaning, everyone stopped to say, "What a cute baby!"

And now you've been so busy because everyone wants to see you!

You with Nana, Boompah, and Darby:

You with Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Dan:

You out for lunch at Persimmon with all the ladies in the family.

(Not sure you're quite ready for the pressure of being a "lady who lunches".
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You arrived at 7:25 PM on December 13, 2005. Your father, sister, grandparents, and lots of medical people were waiting to see you! It took a loooong time to get you here, but you were so strong through the whole ordeal. And, when you were born, you took a long look around and did not cry at all. In fact, your father swears you were smiling when you were born. You're about 30 hours old now and have only cried a few times. And never for long. You weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and were 21 inches long. You have gorgeous blue eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair - which we all think will be curly when it's a wee bit longer. You've been very alert and watchful - when you've been awake. But you really like to sleep. You've gotten to spend lots of time with me, your dad, your big sister, and all four of your grandparents. You are so very sweet!

Charlotte Joy December 13, 2005

Here you are with your big sister:

And here you are with your daddy - trust me, that's you under the hat, mittens, and onesie...


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