Feb. 8th, 2007 09:47 am
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You're very determined to feed yourself now. This, combined with your adoration of oatmeal and scrambled eggs, makes for a very messy morning!

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Yesterday we found out that your dad will not be coming home next week. He is going to have to stay in Iraq for several more months. Naturally, our first thoughts were of how much he was going to miss you. I'm pretty much the same and the house is pretty much the same - but you change every day!

After hearing this sad news, you actually seemed to crawl for a little bit - you finally figured out to put your backside up in the air and you scooted a bit.

After that, the mail lady brought a big package filled with some activity toys Emmy and I had ordered for you. You were enchanted with your pop-up piano thing and the musical zebra we added to your activity gym, and the Winnie-the-Pooh ring stacker.

And then we went to post to go to a meeting about why our soldiers aren't coming home on time. You wore your pink onesie that said, "My Daddy is a Super Hero".

We sat in front of some soldiers who had come home a few days ago and now are being sent back to Iraq. They were very sad. But they smiled and played with you. And one soldier even asked to hold you for a while.

Then, when we came home, our neighbor Tom came over to lower your crib. I'd been waiting for when your dad came home, but you're starting to figure out how to pull up to a stand and I didn't want you to flip yourself out of your crib the way your big sister did when she was a baby.

And then, today, ... I think you and I just had our first official conversation!

You were having lunch - mandarin oranges, rice, and ham. After eating a lot, you started turning your head away from the spoon.

So I said - and signed - "Are you finished?"

And you emphatically nodded "Yes" more than once. In the past, your nods have only been singular and you have stopped nodding since we came home from Seattle.

I was shocked.

So I asked - and signed - "Do you want more?" - in the same tone of voice I'd used before.

And you turned your head away.

"Are you finished?"

Emphatic multiple head nod.

You're pretty smart, sweetie!

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After months of gnawing frantically, your first tooth (upper front) has cut through a bit. I can barely see it, but I can feel it!

And you had carrots last night which you enjoyed quite a bit more than green beans. You make funny faces and shudder when I feed you green beans. But with the carrots, you kept grinning and trying to grab the spoon.


Apr. 29th, 2006 07:34 pm
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You had rice cereal for the first time today. You've been watching other people quite intently while they eat, so I thought we might try. You liked it!!!

Here's you before:

And here's you after:

Rough Day

Jan. 9th, 2006 05:25 pm
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You're sleeping right now over your sister's shoulder. You've had a rough day. I think your stomach is upsetting you. You had a diaper explosion at the Fred Meyer. Which then resulted in a dreaded bath. And you've just not been happy.

We're going off to a breastfeeding class tonight; maybe we'll learn something. I'd expected your stomach to be upset when I was on antibiotics - but it never happened. Maybe your stomach is bothering you now that I'm off the antibiotics???

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After a few days of not eating very much, you're back to eating a lot. Which is good. When we went to the hospital two days ago, you'd dropped 11 ounces from your birth weight. I expect you've now dropped a pound. We'll know tomorrow when we go for your two-week check up. You're supposed to be back up to your birth weight tomorrow, but I don't think you will be. But as long as you're finally eating better again, I feel better.

Right now you're asleep on your pink boppie pillow. You're so precious.

Your big sister left today to go spend two weeks with her dad. I'm so glad you won't ever have to go there. She made a recording of herself reading you a story last night so I can play it for you every day - so you will remember her while she's gone. She loves you so very much.


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