Aug. 21st, 2006 09:58 pm
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Look what someone sent you today!

Charlie and her Cammo Duck Charlie and her Cammo Duck

And it was anonymous! I have no idea from whom it came. It did have a Seattle postmark, but it wasn't anyone's handwriting I recognized. So it's a mystery! But you love it. You used it to whack Emmy on the head with.
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Just this weekend you've figured out that you might have some control over your hands. You love Yellow Duck and I think he's what's inspired you to try to flail your arms in a more productive manner.

Yellow Duck has a collar with interesting panels on it - different colors and they make crunchy sounds when you touch them. There are also two teething panels, but you aren't quite ready for those yet.

On a disturbing note, Yellow Duck's head flips back and there's a mirror in his neck. So that, when attempting to look down his neck, one would see oneself in the mirror. I'm not so sure who the sadistic toy developer was that thought this one up. But in all other ways, Yellow Duck is pretty awesome.

You haven't figured out how to grab onto Yellow Duck, much less hold onto him, but you have figured out how to bat at him. Of course, you could be saying, "For the love of heaven, Mom, get this scary thing away from me! Have you seen the mirror inside his neck?!?!"


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