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In addition to "Hi, Daisy!" (said to both cats) and "Hi, Sissy!" (said to Emmy), you now have a third sentence. It is: "Bad Daisy!" And yes, you say it to the correct cat and yes, sadly, it was appropriate given the most recent interaction you had with Daisy.

I then trimmed Daisy's nails with you bellowing encouragement by saying both "Hi, Daisy!" and "Bad Daisy!".
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I took you for a walk yesterday. You had a good time. You actually kept your hat on. And you stayed awake. You were a little concerned when some of the very big loud dogs came barking up toward us, but you were very brave and didn't cry. Your little cheeks were cold by the time we came home, though, so we probably won't be able to take too many more walks outside again for a long time!

Here you are, a wee bit upset. The reason you are upset is because Daisy didn't want to wear your pink socks and was getting a little angry with you. So Emily pulled you away. And then you got mad.

But then you quickly forgot about being mad and went back to being happy.

Speaking of walking, you are totally walking now. You tend to look up. You also tend to strew your toys all over the floor. This means you trip a lot over your toys. But you easily can walk 20-30 feet if there's nothing in your path. I can't wait for Daddy to see you!
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Today you had a chance to play with Daisy! Go here, and then quickly hit the next picture button; you'll see close to a movie of you and Daisy. You both were having so much fun!


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