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And you are so happy! It's almost as if you've always known him. You reached out to be held by him as soon as we walked into the house last night. You played and played with him last night. Today you showed him all your precious things and followed him around.

The pictures with Daddy in uniform were taken last night. The rest were taken this morning.

They can be found here!
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Yesterday we found out that your dad will not be coming home next week. He is going to have to stay in Iraq for several more months. Naturally, our first thoughts were of how much he was going to miss you. I'm pretty much the same and the house is pretty much the same - but you change every day!

After hearing this sad news, you actually seemed to crawl for a little bit - you finally figured out to put your backside up in the air and you scooted a bit.

After that, the mail lady brought a big package filled with some activity toys Emmy and I had ordered for you. You were enchanted with your pop-up piano thing and the musical zebra we added to your activity gym, and the Winnie-the-Pooh ring stacker.

And then we went to post to go to a meeting about why our soldiers aren't coming home on time. You wore your pink onesie that said, "My Daddy is a Super Hero".

We sat in front of some soldiers who had come home a few days ago and now are being sent back to Iraq. They were very sad. But they smiled and played with you. And one soldier even asked to hold you for a while.

Then, when we came home, our neighbor Tom came over to lower your crib. I'd been waiting for when your dad came home, but you're starting to figure out how to pull up to a stand and I didn't want you to flip yourself out of your crib the way your big sister did when she was a baby.

And then, today, ... I think you and I just had our first official conversation!

You were having lunch - mandarin oranges, rice, and ham. After eating a lot, you started turning your head away from the spoon.

So I said - and signed - "Are you finished?"

And you emphatically nodded "Yes" more than once. In the past, your nods have only been singular and you have stopped nodding since we came home from Seattle.

I was shocked.

So I asked - and signed - "Do you want more?" - in the same tone of voice I'd used before.

And you turned your head away.

"Are you finished?"

Emphatic multiple head nod.

You're pretty smart, sweetie!

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In other news, you're learning lots of stuff every day.

You learned to nod your head yesterday. You don't know what it means, but since it seems to make Mom and everyone else very happy, you do it all the time.

You love to sing. Loudly. But you only seem to know one note.

And you're finally growing more hair. But it's longest on top - like a mohawk. And it is getting curly. People say it is very cute.


Feb. 16th, 2006 09:39 am
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When I took you out yesterday, I thought I saw it.

When Emmy mentioned it when she came home yesterday, I knew it to be true.

You're starting to grow hair. It's pretty much the exact same color as your skin, so it's difficult to see. But if we hold you up to the light in a certain way, yes indeed, you have little fluffy tufts. I have now trimmed the 5 long strands that you had. I kept them like a guy keeps them - in order to have a combover. But as soon as I saw that you really could grow more hair, I got rid of them.

I would take a picture of said hair, but I know it won't show up yet in a picture. So I'll just take a picture for fun rather than for hair-growing evidential proof.

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we took a picture of you today. To be put onto a cookie tin. He'll love it.

When you're old enough, this picture will embarrass you.

But, until then, we all love it!

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He will miss us so much. And we'll send him pictures and video and try to describe to him what he's missing every day. He'll be home again in about 8 months.

Here you are with him the day before. The outfit you are wearing was given to him by his Kurdish interpreter. It shows how much they liked him that they would do such a lovely thing by giving him this outfit to bring home for you - all the way from Iraq!

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You arrived at 7:25 PM on December 13, 2005. Your father, sister, grandparents, and lots of medical people were waiting to see you! It took a loooong time to get you here, but you were so strong through the whole ordeal. And, when you were born, you took a long look around and did not cry at all. In fact, your father swears you were smiling when you were born. You're about 30 hours old now and have only cried a few times. And never for long. You weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and were 21 inches long. You have gorgeous blue eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair - which we all think will be curly when it's a wee bit longer. You've been very alert and watchful - when you've been awake. But you really like to sleep. You've gotten to spend lots of time with me, your dad, your big sister, and all four of your grandparents. You are so very sweet!

Charlotte Joy December 13, 2005

Here you are with your big sister:

And here you are with your daddy - trust me, that's you under the hat, mittens, and onesie...
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Today might just be the day, sweet one!!!

Your dad, sister, and I are on our way to the hospital right now. And your grandparents are all flying in.
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We're so excited for you to come that I even tried to encourage your arrival by consuming castor oil. It obviously didn't work because you're still not here. Yet the pictures we saw of you yesterday show that you are more than ready to be born. In fact, you're terrifyingly large.

Hopefully we'll be able to go to the hospital on Thursday and get you born. But that's only if there aren't too many other, more cooperative, children trying to be born.

Your daddy won't be here too much longer, so please, work with us here!!!
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Your dad is on his way home right now! In just a few hours, he'll be here.

Hopefully, you will follow soon after.
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Look at this picture of her - taken a few days ago at Nana and Boompah's:

I think you're going to be born pretty soon.

Your father begins his trip home tomorrow. '

So hurry up and come already!
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You're very stubborn! It was too much to wish you would adopt my laid back, "whatever happens happens" approach.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today and went in for an OB check. You were still head-up, but appeared to be listing a bit to the side. Dr. P said, "OK, maybe she's heading down". At which point you flung your head straight up, stuck out your tongue, and waved. Had he had the speaker on at that point, I'm sure we would have heard you making the raspberry noise. The only good thing about having you in this position is that we were really able to see your face today. You look just like your daddy. Which means you look very much like my dad. But I choose not to think about that because, well, they write books about that.

Otherwise, you appear fine - and are about 4 pounds right now.
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Your father left today to go to Iraq. He's a very brave man and we're going to miss him so much. He's ready and eager to go because this is what he has trained to do. But I know he's going to miss all of us so much. And he's sad that he's going to miss the last part of my pregnancy with you and so much of your first year.

But whether he's here with us or someplace else, he loves all of us so very much.
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Here are some pictures we took on your ultrasound day.

Here's your Nana, right before our appointment, still thinking you are a boy!

Here's us - your Mom and Dad:

Here you are:

After our appointment, we went to buy new yarn!
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Wow, so much has gone on since I last updated for you. But I've not forgotten about you, sweetie.

First, your dad, sister, and I went on a cruise. During that time, we got to see two ultrasounds of you - and you look like a baby! Very short arms and legs so far, but those will grow, hopefully. Otherwise the other children at school will tease you a bit because, right now anyway, you sort of resemble a duck. But a very cute duck. And then yesterday your dad and I got to hear your heartbeat. It was beating about 168 times a minute - which is fast. The doctor said that it's commonly believed faster heartbeats often mean the baby is a boy. But we don't know for sure just yet!

I'm still getting sick and not able to eat very much. But man, I'm loving Edward's Frozen Key Lime Pie. I keep sending your poor father out to the store - usually late at night - to get me some. Luckily, they sell it by the slice (well, sort of, in packs of two-slices). This is good because I obviously can't be trusted with a whole pie.
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We skipped church again today because I couldn't stop throwing up long enough to get dressed. Emmy may not be totally thrilled about things yet, but she is enjoying missing church.

Your dad and Emmy went to a barbecue across the street for dinner tonight. I stayed home because I was still being sick. People say it's a good sign that I'm so sick - it's a sign that, hormonally, this is a very strong pregnancy.

We told your dad's parents tonight on the phone - they were having my parents over for dinner. They are all so very excited about you.

And so are we.
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Yesterday your dad and I made our first purchase for you. The cutest little sleeper bag. With the wrist cuffs that fold down to keep you from scratching your wee face. With little Tiggers and Roos and Poohs on it. It's what you'll wear home from the hospital when you're born.

We also cleared out space in our bedroom for a crib.

And we don't even know if there is a you yet.

But it's fun to do things like this with your dad because he's going to be leaving soon for a very long time.

See, we love you already. Even if, so far, all you are is a very good idea.
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I've always been a planner. I bought my wedding dress on Ebay for $40 - even before your dad proposed. So I've started this journal even before there was a you. So I won't say much for a bit. But maybe, just maybe, in a few months, there will be stuff to share.


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