Sep. 4th, 2005 10:53 am
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I've been too sick to really have any food cravings. But right now Pringles sound like a very good thing. Your sister refuses to walk a mile down the steet to go get us some. So I shall have to do it myself.
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Wow, so much has gone on since I last updated for you. But I've not forgotten about you, sweetie.

First, your dad, sister, and I went on a cruise. During that time, we got to see two ultrasounds of you - and you look like a baby! Very short arms and legs so far, but those will grow, hopefully. Otherwise the other children at school will tease you a bit because, right now anyway, you sort of resemble a duck. But a very cute duck. And then yesterday your dad and I got to hear your heartbeat. It was beating about 168 times a minute - which is fast. The doctor said that it's commonly believed faster heartbeats often mean the baby is a boy. But we don't know for sure just yet!

I'm still getting sick and not able to eat very much. But man, I'm loving Edward's Frozen Key Lime Pie. I keep sending your poor father out to the store - usually late at night - to get me some. Luckily, they sell it by the slice (well, sort of, in packs of two-slices). This is good because I obviously can't be trusted with a whole pie.


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