Poor You

Dec. 24th, 2011 06:29 pm
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I shouldn't laugh, I know this.

Emily was given a tube of foil-wrapped bath salts; each one about the size of a golf ball. They kind of looked like chocolates, I guess.

Although why you couldn't tell that's not what they were once you unwrapped one, I don't know.

Anyway, yes, you ate one. By the look on your face, it wasn't quite the taste sensation you were hoping for.
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Here are some pictures, Charlie, of our Christmas yesterday!
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We took you to visit Santa today.  You didn't seem to enjoy the experience too much...

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We're not doing a tree this year - because I worry that Charlie will knock it down and, somehow, end up squashled under it. We have a very small tree on our dining room table, but it's really not the same.

But we did think we could have the train out.

Here are some pictures of Charlie helping Emmy and Boompah set up the train:

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And here they are with the track completed:
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And now, several times a day, Charlie rips the train and track apart - like a pink Godzilla.

Oh! In other news, Charlie said her third word today: Sissy

So she has: Daisy (used for both our cats - even Pye - as well as all cats and dogs on TV), hi, and now Sissy. Clearly, she has no idea who I am!
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Now, if this picture doesn't just scream "Merry Christmas", I'm not sure what does!

The Jingle Mouse in this picture was given to Emmy on her first Christmas when she was about 7 weeks old.

And here's one with Emmy:

And here's one with Nana:
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Here's the picture we are using to announce your arrival!

We love how it looks like you are pointing to the bear. You are wearing the outfit Emmy bought you months ago with her very own money. We waited for you for so long. We feel so blessed that you are finally here and that your dad got to be there with us.


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