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Your birthday party pictures from Friday night can be found here. As you can see, you enjoyed yourself immensely!

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We've been so busy!

Last night, you and your big sister went through the charitable giving catalog Nana and Boompah sent up and decided what you wanted to give. Here's a picture of you with Emily while you two were figuring this out:

Emmy decided to give soccer camp to several needy kids.

You spread your money around:

You sent bees for beehives in Russia.

And 5 chickens to Latin America.

And a goat for an orphan in Rwanda.

And a piglet for a family in Asia.

Today was the day of your party. It started out with a bang - literally. I accidentally popped a balloon while trying to pull them out of the closet. This frightenend you.

Then you had 4 shots and one blood test. By this point, you really were not impressed with your day. Then we came home and you took a nap while I baked your cake and cupcakes for your party and decorated a bit.

Then a bunch of your friends came over. Tom and Pat from next door came over. They got you a cute outfit and a CD player. Tim, Brooks, and Ashley came and gave you a sippy cup like Brooks' - because you always take his from him. They also gave you a schoolbus toy with little people in it. Adriana, Richard, Trenton, and Briana came over. They gave you a vacuum cleaner toy (Yay! You're never too young to help Mommy!) and a cute soft doll. Katie, Steve, and Jack came and gave you your very favorite thing - a bathtub toy. You loved it!

We had your favorite things for dinner - hot dogs, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese. Then I stripped you down to your diaper and you had a lemon cupcake - which you seemed to enjoy very much. I'll post those pictures as soon as I get them.

A Big Day

Dec. 13th, 2006 10:19 am
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                                            Happy Birthday, Charlie!!!

That's right!  Just one year ago today, we met you for the very first time!  What an amazing year it has been.  You're so much fun and you've learned to do so much.  And, best of all, your daddy is with us today.

And we're going to have an awesome party for you on Friday!!!

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Emmy had her birthday party today - two days after she turned 12. She had lots of friends over for a murder-mystery party: Lethal Luau. Which of course meant everyone had to dress up.

So here you are - looking very much like your father. Or how I imagine your father would look if he ever wore a bikini top and grass skirt:

Here you are, fascinated by a balloon:

And here you are, proud to be with the big girls!
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we took a picture of you today. To be put onto a cookie tin. He'll love it.

When you're old enough, this picture will embarrass you.

But, until then, we all love it!

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You arrived at 7:25 PM on December 13, 2005. Your father, sister, grandparents, and lots of medical people were waiting to see you! It took a loooong time to get you here, but you were so strong through the whole ordeal. And, when you were born, you took a long look around and did not cry at all. In fact, your father swears you were smiling when you were born. You're about 30 hours old now and have only cried a few times. And never for long. You weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and were 21 inches long. You have gorgeous blue eyes and short strawberry-blonde hair - which we all think will be curly when it's a wee bit longer. You've been very alert and watchful - when you've been awake. But you really like to sleep. You've gotten to spend lots of time with me, your dad, your big sister, and all four of your grandparents. You are so very sweet!

Charlotte Joy December 13, 2005

Here you are with your big sister:

And here you are with your daddy - trust me, that's you under the hat, mittens, and onesie...
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Your big sister turned 11 yesterday. I woke her up with her birthday cake. I took cupcakes into her class at lunch. We had a lovely evening of pizza and ice cream. She got some nice presents. But she said her favorite part of the whole day was the time she spent next to me on the couch watching you flail around inside my abdomen. You put on a show for about 20 minutes. You'd push really hard and Emily would poke back at you. Then you'd poke back at her.

I love both of you so very much.


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