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Your big sister turned 11 yesterday. I woke her up with her birthday cake. I took cupcakes into her class at lunch. We had a lovely evening of pizza and ice cream. She got some nice presents. But she said her favorite part of the whole day was the time she spent next to me on the couch watching you flail around inside my abdomen. You put on a show for about 20 minutes. You'd push really hard and Emily would poke back at you. Then you'd poke back at her.

I love both of you so very much.
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Your big sister, Emily, finally felt you move! Yay! She was very excited and happy. She's been home because she broke her ankle and can't go to school for a while. But she's being very cheerful and brave - she's going to be a wonderful big sister for you!

You're being very busy and kicking and not letting me sleep much. You also are still head up instead of head down. Which is weird since your sister was head-down. You kick me in places that startle me! But, you don't have the lovely trick your sister did of digging your feet under my rib cage and pushing, so that's not so bad.

Only about 7 more weeks until you're here. We're very excited to meet you!
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We can't wait to see you. You've been very busy and active. During your active times, I'm supposed to count to make sure you make 10 movements in an hour. I never make it past 10 minutes. You're quiet for long periods of time but, once you wake up, you're very, very busy. But so far you've not let Emmy feel you. She'll run over and put her hand on my belly and you'll fall asleep again. She fell asleep in my bed the other night and you kicked her, hard, and she mumbled to me that I needed to stop kicking her. But it was you, not me. And, sadly, she has no memory of it.

I'm hoping that she'll always have the ability to make you sleep, though. That way, on nights when you're fussy, maybe she can put you to sleep.
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... for the very first time! It was during President Bush's speech to the country about the war in Iraq. I think you were protesting what he was saying, but your father is convinced you were kicking to express your support for the president. Whatever your motivation, it was SO exciting to feel you!!!


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