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Oct. 24th, 2005 07:29 pm
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Your dinosaur toy came today. It lights up and plays songs. And, best of all, there are four balls with little dinosaurs inside to be dropped into various chutes. I think you'll enjoy just sucking on the balls for a while - which will undoubtedly be less noisy.
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At your shower last month, we got a Target gift certificate. Emily and I have thought long and hard about just what we should get for you. And then, last week on TV, we saw it. The most perfect thing ever. You so need this!

It should be here any day. Emily and I may need to put it together and play with it test it to make sure it works and everything. We're good people that way.
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He prepared your nursery! We're so excited about you. We will do our best to keep Pyewacket and Daisy Belle from sleeping there before your arrival.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

It's just beautiful, we think. Only one thing could make it better! (That would be you...)
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Fort Wainwright had a post-wide garage sale today and we scored on stuff for you! All the stuff was in fabulous condition.

You now have:
* a vibrating bouncy seat
* a walker with lovely things to bat at. Your big sister adored her walker. She loved to go into the kitchen and steal Nana's towels off the oven.
* a high chair
* a portable crib/play-yard
* a gate to keep you either away from the stairs or away from the cat food. We need to get one more so we don't have to choose one or the other.

And then, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, your crib and changing table arrived! It was supposed to be months more. I was worried because I thought Emmy and I would need to put it together for you and I wasn't sure we'd be very good at that. But now, your dad will have time to put it together before he leaves. It's going to look so wonderful with all the lovely Classic Pooh bedding I have for you.

We're getting pretty excited out here!
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I've not bought too many things for you yet - I haven't wanted to jinx it! But now that I've heard your heartbeat, I know there's really a you. And that I'm not just having a bad case of water retention!

Yesterday there was an enormous joint garage sale on post. And my friend Tonya picked you up an adorable stroller and matching infant car seat. They're both denim with plaid (brick red and lemony yellow) trim. Perfect for a boy or girl, or moose even!

They're both sitting in the middle of my kitchen because I'm not sure where to put them just yet and because it makes me so happy to see them. The kitties are enjoying sleeping in them.

Here's the carseat: Image hosted by

And here's the stroller (and my very messy house!): Image hosted by


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