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Here are some pictures of you!

You're crying because you don't like hats - but Miss Ashley made you this very special hat. It's pink and has green frogs on it:

Halloween, 2006 - You're a little flower!

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I took you swimming for the first time today. You loved it! We went with Brooks and Miss Ashley. He wasn't so certain it was fun, but you thought it was great. You kicked your legs and waved your hands and had a good time. I even dunked you under the water. Miss Ashley was shocked! But I blew in your face first - which made you hold your breath - and then I pulled you under and popped you right back out. And you laughed and laughed!

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After much online research about how to get babies to turn the right way for birth, Ashley and I set out for the pool today. But they've apparently changed the pool hours. We showed up for Family Swim and it was obviously PT swim. Lots of soldiers there in their little PT shorts. And me in my pink gingham muumuu and Ashley in her blue-with-little-white-bows muumuu. We looked like flamingos trying to hide ourselves in a flock of vultures. But the soldiers were very nice and let us use part of the pool during their time anyway.

And then we clambered into the pool. Which was apparently set to just-above freezing. I say this only because there was no ice on the surface. I'm not sure I've ever been so cold in my life.

See, the theory was that, in a nice warm bouyant environment, with stretching and periods of standing underwater on one's hands, well, the baby will naturally flip.

Both you and Ashley's baby tucked yourselves into the tightest balls possible and refused to move. I don't think you've ever been so cold in your life before either.

And then we had to try to stand on our heads. OK, this might possibly have worked (assuming we were in warm water) - but only if we also had oxygen tanks strapped to our backs. You and Ashley's baby are both taking up so much room that we can only hold our breaths for about 5 seconds. And then the sodden skirt part of my bathing suit wrapped itself around my head and I panicked and a lifeguard jumped in - but we won't talk about that, ok?

So anyway, long story short, you and Ashley's baby are both sulking, apparently. And no, did not move at all.


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